Henrik Axelsson

Drums & Percussion

Marital status
Not married.

What equipment did you use on the "Death Is Not Dead" recording?
On my parts (Eternal, Agent Orange, Candles and Unfit Earth)i used a TAMA starclassic performer
Birch/Bubinga kit with different selections of heads by Evans. Cymbals from Zildjian, Sabian and Meinl, Vic Firth sticks and AXIS A longboard pedals.

Do you play any other instruments?
I can play the main riff of Blinded by Fear on guitar, but that's pretty much where it ends i'm afraid.

Favourite The Crown song?
I think for the moment i´ll have to say Under The Whip.

Favourite Non-The Crown song?
Almost impossible to answer that one but probably some of the classic´s....Metallicas kill em all album
comes to mind.

Favourite The Crown album artwork?
Death is Not Dead.

Favourite Non-The Crown album artwork?
The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal.

Current favourite album?
Morbid Angel - Covenant.

Earliest childhood memory?
Learning to ride my bike without stabilizers.

First band you saw, and where?
I think my first "real" Live experience might actually be Red Hot Chilipeppers in Globen Stockholm.

What do you prefer, live or studio?
Definitely Live.

Cats or dogs?

Denim or Leather?
You mean under my leather suit? Leather!

Favourite colour?
Cant say I care that much but probably black.

Favourite book?
I have actually only read ONE book in my whole life without cheating as I can remember, and it was The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Six
so I think I´ll have to go with that one.

Favourite movie?
Crank 2.

What is your goal with "Death Is Not Dead"?
Since that album was already finished before I entered the band I think my main goal is to play Marko's drums as good as I can and make sure the songs sounds as good live as they do on the record.