Johan Lindstrand


Marital status

What equipment did you use on the "Death Is Not Dead" recording?
Don´t know. Don´t give a shit as long as the producer records my voice.

Do you play any other instruments?
I used to play some drums in the middle of the 90´s. I played on the first Impious demo which I´m proud of.
I also have a Silvertone cracked mirror Paul "fucking" Stanley guitar on which I have written some songs on during recent years.

Favourite The Crown song?
Hard to say. Death by my side is definitely one of the best.

Favourite Non-The Crown song?
At the moment, "Live and let die" with Paul McCartney.

Favourite The Crown album artwork?
Hell Is Here.

Favourite Non-The Crown album artwork?
Slayer - South of Heaven.

Current favourite album?
I hardly never listen to albums anymore. I prefer to create my own playlists with my favourite songs.
At the moment I keep my wedding playlist roll over and over again at home. There´s like 100 great songs on it.

Earliest childhood memory?
When I was lying at bed 4 yerars old listening to the cassette of "Unmasked" by Kiss. That´s my first contact with rock ´n roll.

First band you saw, and where?
AC/DC playing in Gothenburg ´88. My brother brought me and it was extremely good.

What do you prefer, live or studio?
I prefer to play live but when you´re singing in the studio on a new song and discovers how good it turns out is also a great feeling.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs but I do love cats too. Maybe I love animals too much. I have an early memory of me tickling a donkey behind his ears. Suddenly everyone is laughing and I´m like, wtf!!! As I´m looking down It turns out that the donkeybastard has gotten a hard-on:-) Anyway, I have a black labrador called Elsa.

Denim or Leather?

Favourite colour?
It used to be black but nowadays I don´t mind other colours. It depends on the mood I guess.

Favourite book?
Don´t read books. Well, I have read like one book in 15 years and that was "Blod Eld Död" about Swedish metal history. Real good.
I have also listened to "Angels and demons" on soundbook and that was incredible. I have no patience with books.

Favourite movie?
First Blood.

What is your goal with "Death Is Not Dead"?
My goal with that album has already been reached. To make the best album possible. I´m so proud of it. Not only my own work but what the other guys achieved as well. It´s a modern classic in my opinion and hopefully people around the world will dig it.