Marko Tervonen


Marital status
Happily married with offspring.

What equipment did you use on the "Death Is Not Dead" recording?
Beeing the engineer/producer of this album the list goes on. But a unique piece of gear was definitely the allmighty Boss HM-2 distortion pedal. A classic piece of gear that creates that typical Entombed/Sunlight guitar sound.
I didn´t want to have exactly a sound like that (a bit too muddy for chug-chug kind of riffing), so it´s blended in there with another sound, just enough to give that monstertruckfromhell kind of crunch. Guitars, my belowed BC Rich Mockingbirds. Can´t go wrong with them.

Do you play any other instruments?
Yes. I´ve played drums for + 20 years. Can´t really decide what is most fun.
Yeeeaaars ago I used to practise piano as well. I should pull off playing some minor melodies on most of the standard instruments…

Favourite The Crown song?
Dead Man´s Song.

Favourite Non-The Crown song?
Morbid Angel – God of emptiness

Favourite The Crown album artwork?
Possessed 13 turned out really cool. I´m proud of all of our artowork, but the whole packaging with different formats and material was really cool.

Favourite Non-The Crown album artwork?
Can´t go wrong with old-school Dan Seagrave stuff, or Necrolord artwork.
But just to pick one, I´d say Blessed Are The Sick. Amazing how well accepted that pink tone was.

Current favourite album?
I keep on coming back to Paradise Lost – Draconian Times.
I think it just might be the best album ever released.

Earliest childhood memory?
Fishing in Finland and the hook got stuck to my hand, endless tears of pain.

First band you saw, and where?
Besides minor local bands, the first “huge arena show” was Metallica in Stockholm -93
But I also remember seeing Entombed with Merciless early 90´s.

What do you prefer, live or studio?
If there would be a device as a teleporter-machine I would be playing live every day. You can´t beat the feeling of a successful gig.
But beeing in the studio is one of my absolute passions. Not only with The Crown, but I also produce other bands and have been doing that since late 90´s.

Cats or dogs?

Denim or Leather?
Denim on me, leather on the missus ;-)

Favourite colour?
Black and red comes to mind.

Favourite book?
Right now the books by Kepler.

Favourite movie?
Anything epic Sci-fi. Right now maybe Prometheus.

What is your goal with "Death Is Not Dead"?
As with any previous album, create the best album possible!