Robin Sörqvist


Marital status
Not married... yet.

What equipment did you use on the "Death Is Not Dead" recording?
Ltd - Viper, Gibson - Explorer, Absolute - slide, Robin - Medley & various cans of beer.

Do you play any other instruments?
Bass, vocals and some old school knee drumming.

Favourite The Crown song?
Hard to say as always... at the moment The Poison.
A fistintheface opener!

Favourite Non-The Crown song?
That's even harder.
Almost equal to understand the size and complexity of the universe.
One of the best party tracks is Rocket Queen by Guns n'Roses.

Favourite The Crown album artwork?
Death is not dead.

Favourite Non-The Crown album artwork?
Running Wild - Pile of skulls. Mysterious and pirateisch.

Current favourite album?
Billy Idol - Billy Idol.

Earliest childhood memory?
One of them is when my grandfather is fooling around while tickling me.

First band you saw, and where?
Local - Pure Mania - Ljusne parken - early 90's
Arena - Megadeth - Gothenburg 1995

What do you prefer, live or studio?
Watching: Live - the receipt of a good band/act along with the energy.
Studio comes close behind because some bands SUCK live and sound so good on albums.
Performing: Live - because of the energy and happiness in peoples eyes. Studio is where the magic happens.

Cats or dogs?

Denim or Leather?
Great combo but denim.

Favourite colour?
Deep red like a whore's lipstick

Favourite book?
History and science magazines... no books.

Favourite movie?
Boondock Saints or Harlem Nights

What is your goal with "Death Is Not Dead"?
Become a billionaire and rule the world... along with bringing a great experience to the listener and having a blast while doing it.