It’s A Royal Monday Indeed!! Enjoy The Premiere Of Beyond The Frail Lyric Video!

”I know we all go through shit and face our daily demons right?!? We know exactly what kind of persons we would prefer to be and we struggle every day to get there. In the end, we’re only human right. We are far beyond frail.” //Marko Tervonen

#17 in Germany

Awesome!!! Thank you all Viking Punks in Germany!!!!! Danke!!

Feeling old school??

Royal Destroyer is available on cassette as well 👊🏼👊🏼 Check out: Redefining Darkness Records webpage!…/695218-the-crown-roya…

Metal Blade Records

Less than 24 hours before TheCrownOfficial drops #RoyalDestroyer! Who's ready for one hell of a ride tomorrow?! Pre-orders should already be making their way into your homes - stoked to see those photos! Haven't ordered a copy yet? Order/pre-save down below!

Marko Tervonen on TwiTch

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New Album

The new album is officially done. We recorded the whole thing in 7 days. We are extremely satisfied with this one and we can't wait to play it for you. Now mixing and mastering awaits. Expect a release pretty early 2021.

Heard nothing for a long time

So sorry for the lack of updates recently. ​​​​​​We hope you are well in this pandemic outbreak. We are Fine and we are at the moment rehearsing as hell to bring Chaos into the studio once more. Yeah, you read it right. We are once again enteri

Happy new year

First of all, Happy new year to all of you. We hope this year will bring you as much joy as it will give us pleasure to keep on going onwards on this 30th anniversary of The Crown. Other than that we also celebrate Deathrace King on it's 20th anniversary so there's a lot to be happy for in 2020. And plus the new album which we hope to record right before summer. So, a lot of cool shit going on and hopefully some cool shows on top of that. Who knows what will happen but we do hope that you will follow us even further on this amazing ride. Stay tuned.

Album No 10

Sorry for the lack of updates here recently. But we bring good news after all this time. Rehearsals have begun for album No 10 to be released 2020 on Metal Blade Records. Next year also marks our 30th anniversay so stay tuned for more cool updates.


The artwork for Cobra Speed Venom made it to "Masterpieces 2018" which is totally awesome. Christian Sloan Hall made one of our coolest coverarts so far and we are eternally grateful for that. For more info about this book click the Link

Show in Tialy

Show in Italy confirmed.